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DRRR - Subarashii Hibi by Izaya-chan DRRR - Subarashii Hibi by Izaya-chan
This is one of my favorite pictures of all of us together. Hibiya was one of the cosplays that I used the most throughout the A-Kon weekend. It is very comfy albeit a bit hot when we took pictures outside. This picture was taken during day 0 (Thursday) of A-Kon. *Kuragiman and *johnsonsan took pictures of us in a little plaza/garden about a block away from the convention center. The location was gorgeous and it fitted the costumes perfectly. This picture is *johnsonsanís doing and it came out wonderfully.

As I mentioned before, when *XNeverConformX decided to come to A-Kon we were looking at all the cosplays that I was going to be wearing during the convention. *Koholint and I had discussed that we really wanted to give it a try to Delic and Hibiya since we are huge Shizaya fans and we adore all the Durarara!! Counterparts. When I showed her Hibiya to *XNeverConformX , I sent fanart of Hibiya with Mairu and Kururi dressed as princesses [[link] and she set her mind on doing Kururiís version even though it wasnít cannon. A few days later, ~Harukani-Mizukusai was looking at possible cosplays and I suggested Mairuís version for her.

I want to thank everybody who took pictures of us. Especially *Kuragiman, *johnsonsan, and ~Ashreem

Delic (Psychedelic Dreams!Shizuo): :iconkoholint:
Prince Hibiya (Izaya): :iconizaya-chan:
Princess Mairu: :iconharukani-mizukusai:
Princess Kururi: :iconxneverconformx:

Photographer: *johnsonsan

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ValentineClementine Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011
You all are so amazing~! Ko-chan's Delic absolutely blows my mind, and I adore your princesses' dresses. I don't like this picture, actually . . . I think the location is wonderful but the lighting doesn't make your costumes looks incredible as they could. Still, I adore every single photo you post, so wonderful job as always.
Izaya-chan Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I understand perfectly, this is one of the few pics I had of all of us together [I have a bunch of Koholint and I, or the twins, or the twins with me but not of the bunch XD]

More, better pics, are coming. For some reason I feel like saving the best ones for later XDD
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